2019-20 JHJCC Board of Directors: Kevin Krasnow (Co-President),  Mike Scher (Co-President), Laurie Thal (Vice President),  Rachel Stam (Treasurer), Janet Bellis,  Ben Goldberg and Steve Zelikovitz.

*Judd Grossman


Judd Grossman is a full-time musician and a song and prayer leader for the Jackson Hole Jewish Community since 1997. He performs weddings, b’nei mitzvot and other life cycle ceremonies for the local community and visitors. From performing at JHJCC Shabbat or holiday services to locales around town, Judd can often be found with his guitar in hand, playing solo or with his band. Judd has lived in the valley since 1980. – juddgrossman.com

*Josh Kleyman

Lay Rabbi, Bet Sefer teacher, JHJC Board VP

Josh joined the faculty of the Teton Science Schools’ graduate program in 2006, training adults as environmental educators and naturalists. He is currently the Coordinator of the Kelly Campus, focusing on connecting people to nature and place through field education. Josh is passionate about the Jackson Hole Jewish Community, a place where his wife Kalen and their daughter Reviva have found their Jewish family in Wyoming. He has taught Bet Sefer since moving to Jackson in 2006. Recently, he has helped a number of Jackson Hole Jewish Community youth with their B’nai Mitzvah. Josh explores spirituality and expresses his passion through community, wilderness, education, Judaism and baking challah.

*Mary Grossman

Executive Director

Mary began visiting Jackson Hole with her family when she was a little girl and has lived here full-time since 1987. Originally trained as a musician and composer, she has spent the last 20 years in the publishing and nonprofit worlds. She currently owns Planet Jackson Hole, which publishes JH Weekly newspaper and Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine. After serving on the JHJC Board for three years, she became Executive Director in 2010. Mary loves promoting and planning fun events for the Jackson Hole Jewish Community and is especially proud of the new JHJC Center. She is married to chazzan Judd Grossman and they have two teenagers, Esther and Isaac.