October 28, 2018
19 Cheshvan 5779

Dear Friends and Members of the JHJC,

As you can imagine, the JHJC board of directors and staff are heartbroken over the terrible shooting this weekend at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. The trauma and pain caused by this act of violence are unimaginable and impossible to comprehend. There are JHJC members who have close connections to this synagogue through family members and friends. This act of evil has touched at the heart of our small community in Jackson Hole.

We are taking additional action to address security at our events. We’ve been in touch with local law enforcement to go over potential security threats and scenarios and to discuss security protocol for future JHJC events.


We have been hearing expressions of concern from our dear friends and leaders in the local faith community. We are grateful for their support and friendship. In this time of hardship, we plan to come together as a community in a show of solidarity for our brothers and sisters both Jewish and non-Jewish alike affected by hatred and violence this past week. As we process this challenging event, we want the congregation to know that we are here for anyone who needs our support.

Here are some upcoming opportunities to find support within the Jackson Hole Jewish Community and the greater Jackson Community in the coming week:
  • Monday, Oct. 29 at 6:30 p.m.: Chabad of Wyoming is hosting a vigil at the Chabad Center at 265 E. Broadway, Jackson. We encourage all to attend.
  • This Friday, Nov. 2 at 7:30 p.m.: The JHJC will host a Community Shabbat and Bread-breaking for the Jewish and non-Jewish community at St. John’s Episcopal Church. The service and bread-breaking will be led by Josh Kleyman and Chazzan Judd Grossman from the JHJC with additional words from Rev. Jimmy Bartz from St. John’s Episcopal Church. We will be reaching out to other faith communities to invite them to this gathering as well. Everyone is invited to share in this community event; bring a friend.

Please email us HERE with your concerns or feedback on security and the state of the Jackson Hole Jewish Community.

Peace and blessings,

Mary Grossman, JHJC Executive Director
The JHJC Board of Directors: Josh Kleyman, Mike Scher, Steve Zelikovitz, Janet Bellis, Kevin Krasnow, Rachel Stam and Laurie Thal
Judd Grossman, Chazzan/Song Leader