unclemoshetoonI talked to Uncle Moishe this past weekend on the phone. Other than my Aunt going in for a little bunion surgery everything is pretty quiet. Unc was telling me that he and my Aunt went for a drive with their close friends and neighbors, Jake and Minnie Goldblum. They stopped off at a nice restaurant and had lunch and then headed back home.

After driving for about 5 minutes Minnie says, “Jake, we have to go back to the restaurant, I left my sweater on the back of the chair”. Unc said Jake blew his top and all the way back to the restaurant he was yelling at Minnie, “you’re always forgetting something, do you know how much gas costs, you are getting so forgetful lately”, and on and on. Unc said he and my Aunt were a little uncomfortable. So, they arrive back at the restaurant and Minnie says, I’ll be right back, I’ll just run in and get my sweater. As she was getting out of the car, Jake said, while you’re in there could you also get my hat.