unclemoshetoon I talked to Uncle Moishe this evening and here is a story he told me if you have room in the newsletter.

Uncle Moishe was in a reminiscing mood last week when I talked to him on the phone. He asked me if I remembered his Uncle Mordecai who came to the Bronx to visit from Poland when my cousins and I were young. Unc said they took Mordecai to the Daitch supermarket on 174th St. Unc wanted to impress him with the variety of foods in America so they walked up and down the aisles.

“Moishe, vas diss powdered orange juice?”, Mordecai asked. Uncle Moishe told him that you just add a little water and you have orange juice.

In the next aisle his uncle stopped and pointed, “Und vas diss, diss powdered milk?” Unc told him that you just add water to the powder and you get milk.

A couple of aisles later, Mordecai points excitedly, “Moishela, und give a look to here, baby powder! Vat a country, dis eez, vat a country”.