hebrewnumberAmira is out of town this week, but Bet Sefer principle Andrea will be joining us for a fun JPlay session. This week we will learn to count in Hebrew! The first part of class will focus on counting to ten in Hebrew and playing various interactive number games to reinforce vocabulary. We will also make our own number flashcard sets! If time allows, we will play more active number games at the end of the session. Schedule:• 10:00am-10:40am – Number vocab, counting games
• 10:40am-11:00am – Israeli Dancing
• 11:00am-11:15am – Snack
• 11:15am-12:00pm – Number flashcards art activity, more counting


One      אֶחָד          Echad

Two      שְתַיִים      Shtayim

Three   שָלוֹש      Shalosh

Four     אַרבַּע      Arbah

Five      חָמֵש      Chamaesh

 Six        שֵש       Shaesh

 Seven   שֶבַע      Shevah

Eight    שְמוֹנֶה     Shmoneh

 Nine     תֵשַע      Taeshah

 Ten       רעֶשֶׂ       Esser