unclemoshetoonUncle Moishe and my Aunt were in Boca Raton, Florida visiting the grandkids during the holidays. They took Amtrak because my Aunt doesn’t like to fly. Unc says he doesn’t know what she’ll do now after that terrible train wreck just north of NYC.

Anyway, Unc’s grandson Arnie is a pharmacist and while they were sitting on the patio he told Uncle Moishe about an elderly couple that came in the drugstore the day before. The couple introduced themselves to him as Jacob and Rebecca. Jacob told Arnie that he and his Rebecca were getting married soon. Jacob asked Arnie if he was the owner and Arnie replied that he was, indeed, the owner of the drugstore.

Jacob said, “Good, I’d like to ask if you sell heart medicine?” to which Arnie answered, “Yes, of course.”

“How about medicine for circulation, rheumatism, arthritis, and scoliosis?” “Definitely,” replied Arnie.

“And vitamins and Geritol?” Jacob inquired. “Absolutely!” Arnie answers.

“You sell wheel chairs and walkers?” “Yup, all speeds and sizes,” Arnie cheerfully replied.

“Very good then,” says Jacob, ” I think we’d like to use this store for our bridal registry”