July 2, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
JHJC in the Centennial Bldg
610 W Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

Who are they? Are they really Jewish?  Why are they hiding?

The Nation by the River is about a boy who discovers that he is part of an intact community of Crypto-Jews in … modern day America! That’s right, present day America. The novel has a favorable review from Kirkus Reviews and it has received enthusiastic testimonials from such scholars in the field as David Gitlitz, author of Secrecy and Deceit. Not too long ago I had book tours in New Mexico, Texas and Florida, and I have also made presentations here in Israel. To authenticate historical points and cultural aspects contained in the novel, I have undertaken extensive research on the Anusim of the Azore Islands. Below, please see attachments about the novel, the venues where I have spoken, and book reviews.   


Gabe Galambos was born in Hungary to Holocaust survivors. In 1956, the family escaped during the Hungarian Uprising and settled in Brookline, MA. After graduating from Brandeis University, Gabe made moved to Israel. In 1983, the American Association for Ethiopian Jewry (AAEJ) sent Gabe to Sudan to assist in the clandestine rescue of Jews fleeing Ethiopia. Gabe and a fellow AAEJ worker were captured and placed in the notorious Juba city prison. They escaped through the bush to Zaire where they were detained and returned to Juba city prison and a Khartoum jail. They were only released after the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee interceded on their behalf. Gabe’s experiences provided material for his 1st novel “Stealing Pike’s Peak,” a globe-hopping political thriller. Later, his travel to Azores islands benefited his research for a mysterious people at the heart of his 2nd novel, “The Nation by the River”. Gabe presented his Azorean research at the The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies and has also taken part in Road Scholar’s educational program on New Mexico’s Conversos and Crypto-Jews.