unclemoshetoonI talked to Uncle Moishe the other day. He gave me quite a bit of grief for missing Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah. I told him, “Believe me Unc, I’m really sorry I missed it as well as I heard Isaac did an awesome job”.

Unc told me that he and my Aunt recently attended a lovely affair out on the Island for their dear friends, Harry and Reulah’s 60th anniversary, kinnehurrah. They even had a live band, the Arty Feldman Trio. During one of the band’s breaks one of the guests proposed a toast to Harry and Reulah. Unc said that after the toast someone shouted out, “Mazel Tov! But tell us, Harry, what is the secret of how you both have managed to stay married for all these years in this day and age?”

Harry turned to Reulah and asked her, “Dalink, okay for me to answer diz?” Reulah nodded yes.” Vell, I tell you,” Harry explains, “it is very simple. On the very day ve got married, Reulah and I came to an agreement  which we have stuck to all diz years. Ve decided that I vould make all the big decisions and Reulah would make all the small decisions. And tanks to G-d, I have never had to make one big decision all diz years.”