unclemoshetoonUncle Moishe was talking to his brother Bennie, who’s son Hymie owns a supermarket in Brooklyn. Bennie told Unc a story about a young fellow named Nathan that was hired to work in the produce department. One day a customer asked Nathan where he could find half a head of lettuce. Nathan told the customer that they only sold whole heads of lettuce. Well the customer was insistent, so Nathan went in the back to talk to Hymie. And Nathan says to Hymie,” Some shmendrick wants to buy half a head of lettuce.” As he finishes he turns and the customer is standing right behind him. Thinking quickly Nathan adds, “And this gentleman wants to buy the other half”. Hymie approves the deal. Uncle Moishe says to Bennie that was good thinking. Bennie says, “Wait, there’s more.” Later in the day Hymie tells Nathan that he was very impressed with the way he had gotten himself out of that situation earlier. And further tells Nathan that he likes employees who can think on their feet. Hymie, now interested in this young man asks Nathan where he is from and Nathan replies that he is from Toronto. Hymie than asks him why he left Canada, to which Nathan replies that there were too many yentas and hockey players in Toronto. “That’s quite surprising,” Hymie said now looking quite angry, my wife is from Canada.” To which Nathan quickly adds, “You don’t say. What team did she play for?”