unclemoshetoonI was talking to Uncle Moishe on the phone a few days before Passover. He was in Miami with my Aunt to spend Passover with his children and grand-children who had moved to Florida from the Bronx. He told me that a few days before Passover he was in the neighborhood kosher restaurant that was frequented by many seniors.

An elderly woman was sitting at a table next to Unc’s. She kept stopping the waiter whenever he walked by her table. First she asked him to turn up the air conditioning because she was too hot. Next she asked him to turn down the air conditioner because she was too cold. This went on for half an hour. Surprisingly the waiter was very patient as he walked back and forth and never once got angry. Finally, Uncle Moishe asked the waiter how could he put up with such a demanding customer. “Oh, I don’t really mind,” the waiter said, “We don’t even have an air conditioner.”